Selection of clients

AKAD, Language and Culture
Coande, Communikation and Design
Compendio Bildungsmedien, Publisher for Teaching Aids
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA, Presence Switzerland
Federal Department of Transport, VS
GSoA, Group for a Switzerland without an Army
Grünfels, Kellerbühne Jona
Kolb, Landscape Architecture
Lea Meienberg, Photographer
Nature and Countryside Centre, Salgesch
National Information Center for Conservation of Cultural Assets, Nike
Netwerch AG, Architecture and Design
Pfyl Product, Industrial Design
Pfyl Foundation
Procap, For People with Disabilities
Schulamt, Stadt Zürich
Studio for Yoga, Zurich
Swiss Radio an Television, SRF
Swiss Saltworks
Stadiongarten (Urban Farming), Zurich
TagesWoche, Basel
T-Raumfahrt, Szenography
JZP AG, Regional Planning and Urban Development